Workout With A Deadline

One of the most common mistakes we make without knowing is that we don’t set a goal when we start which means that we workout without a deadline. Let’s say your goal is to lose 5kg of fat and get back in shape. Good. Great! You’ve your diet plan sorted and have started putting in the work at the gym. But what about a deadline? When exactly do you plan on losing these 5 kilos? I’ve met a number of people at the gym and I observed the same pattern. On being asked about their goal, they have one or two very staple answers such as reducing belly fat or having that hot bod with no idea on when to get there.

I myself realized this very late, not until this past winter. You need to set a Judgement Date. The day when you’ll measure your progress, the day you intend to reach your goal. There are three main steps you’ll need to follow to get you target right and most importantly, get there at the desired time. Let’s get into it:

1. Set a Goal

This is a very vast topic to cover, hence I am planning to do a separate blog post on this later. But for now, the main thing to focus on is on “setting a realistic goal.” Don’t get too over the top and set a goal according to your body, according to your facilities, your budget, and your capabilities. Your goal should have nothing to do with what others are doing, be it your friend, partner or anyone else. Keep your goals short-term and strive to get there. Nothing fancy, nothing materialistic, keep it real.

2. Deciding a Deadline

This part can be tricky. Tricky because the time duration you are giving yourself should be appropriate enough to firstly, get where you want to be and secondly, enough to notice any significant changes be it strength, definition etc. Anything more or less will be counter-productive. On a personal level, based on how much I have noticed the trend, I would suggest that around 8-12 weeks are enough to see some noticeable progress in an individual irrespective of the nature of your goals. If you have any events like marriage, a trip coming up where you would want to look your best, that might be the best checkpoint.

3. Act

This is the make or break part. Deciding on the goals and the deadline is fine but acting on it, putting in that extra effort, that final push is all that matters. If you mess up here, everything mentioned above is just a waste of your time. You got to have that desire to change, the desire to progress, the desire to win and everything will fall into place. Get your nutrition right, workout, act, and repeat.

Setting deadlines are important, whether it be work, studies or fitness, you should have a habit of working with a set timeline. This not only increases your productivity but gives you a sense of direction as well. This is the reason why you see most of the premium athletes training with an 8-week or a 12-week plan, to be able to meet that deadline. Start today, set goals, set a time, start grinding and I can assure you that you are in for a transformation to remember.

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