Why Fitness? 

What seems to be a pretty straightforward question , it may not be that easy to find a fitting answer. In the past decade, the definition of fitness has changed immensely. With huge advancements in the field of medicine and nutrition, fitness has a whole new level and meaning. Everyone nowadays, strive for that amazing alpha male kind of physique, specially teenagers among whom this has become a growing trend. But do they actually know why are they doing what they are doing? do they understand the whole concept of fitness or are they just blindly following the trend just for the sake of it? Same way as “BHAI , BODY BANANI HAI BAS!” , for my non-Indian readers, this phrase refers to just having that “body” just for the sake of having it.  I hope by the end of this blog , you will have all the answers.


Before jumping on to the main question to be addressed, let us first have a side quest. We have often heard or been in arguments over who can be called fit and who can’t , fitness can have number of definitions depending upon different individuals. For some, fitness=endurance, some perceive fitness as being able to lift weights often referred to as bodybuilding, while for some fitness can just be about being able to lead a disease free and healthy life. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), health and fitness can be defined as :

Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

While most of you fit in quite comfortably in this criteria, this is not what fitness is about nowadays, it’s nowhere close and there is certainly much more to health and fitness than this. Let’s be honest , who likes definitions anyway? The argument over who can be called fit can be never-ending but what you need to understand as an individual is what you want? what is “your” meaning of fitness and work according to that agenda irrespective of what others think or say. If you think lifting weights makes you fit, lift, running makes you fit , run or if you believe a disease free life is fitness, do that no matter what others do. Hence, fitness can have “n” number of definitions, it’s just that we need to decide what we want from our bodies and work accordingly , this will give your training a much-needed direction and help you set a target for future.


Now after understanding the concept of fitness and what is your idea of it , the main question arises that is it necessary? Do we really need to accommodate fitness into our ever so busy lives? Is it worth it? All that hard work? Do I have time for this? these questions (excuses what I call it) could go on and on. I was once filled with same questions until that first day when I started and since then there has been no looking back. So lets find some answers. Being healthy and fit can serve different purpose for different individuals. For example for one individual who is obese and is made fun of constantly , this can boost his/her self-confidence and make them feel better about themselves. Another example can be of an individual for who having a good physique is necessary for his line of work ( Actors , trainers , army etc) and there can be an individual who wants to have a great body just for the looks ( Let’s be honest , looks do matter ). What my point here is, that though fitness is a matter of choice , it deserves a chance to “fit” in our daily lives. This has positives without negatives. It’s okay if you don’t have time , it’s okay if you are low on money,  it’s all about just giving it a try. Spending even a small fraction of  a day dedicated only to yourself can make a whole lot of a difference.What differences? Well, not only you will be more fit and healthy than ever , but a sense of positivism and mental strength will come as a bonus. Yes, mental strength, it’s true. Secondly,you will automatically start feeling good about yourself , about the way you look , the way you walk, which leads to confidence, self-satisfaction and belief. When you start noticing all these changes on both mental and physical front, only then true dedication , motivation, that driving force towards staying fit and healthy kicks in. Don’t trust me? Just try. All I am asking you all is to just start  by  giving just 20 minutes each day on “you”, this time can include running,cycling,strength training. Even a simple walk would do. You can also start by taking up a sport. Fitness is not about looking good, not about those chiselled abs or that toned figure,  there is much more to it. For people who refrain from this field, try it once with seriousness and determination and I can guarantee you that your life will change completely for good. Do it not for anyone, not to impress, not to express , just for your own “self”,  yes, our bodies do deserve some special treatment. I don’t want you all to blindly believe what I am saying, I want you to  at least try it for yourselves. It’s high time that we as individuals recognise the importance of staying healthy in this ever so busy and challenging world in chaos of which somewhere our health is jeopardised.

It’s all about that one try , that one attempt , that one start which always ends with greatness.

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