Trouble Sticking To Your Diet?

How often do we find ourselves stressing over the diet schedule we all want to follow and have been trying so hard but somehow it doesn’t work out. And we are back to ground zero. You know what to eat , when to eat , you have the resources too but still you just can’t maintain that eating schedule. I know how that feels.

The Problem

I have come across people starting a fitness routine talking about how they have started to follow a low-fat , protein rich diet all excited and motivated. I used to be that once. Going on a very strict diet full of veggies, protein shakes , fruits and other fancy stuff. But, after a month or so , one question struck my mind. For how long are you going to do this? How will you manage all this? This is the time I realised something very important. I understood the fact that my diet does not need to be fancy or expensive for that matter. It does not need to be filled with all that exclusive fruits and veggies that isn’t easily available. And I don’t blame you or myself for doing this. I feel that with all those online trainers and fitness models obsessing over their fancy diets and unique fitness regimes , it has become a misconception that if you are training, you need to eat foods that are different , expensive , not easily available and that normal foods won’t do.  After filling our diets with all such foods , we are closed for any type of adjustments. If you have a life outside the gym, you will have other things to take care of be it work, school , or other priorities. No I am not saying that diet isn’t necessary. It is. All I am trying to say is that yes , it can be simplified.


Sustainability is the answer to all this. The main motive is to prepare a sustainable diet. What you mean by a sustainable diet is a meal plan that consists of foods that are easy to cook and readily available which suits your lifestyle while maintaining all the necessary nutrients. Possible? YES. Easy? you’ll know by the end of this blog post. To make you all understand what I am really trying to explain here, let us take an example.

Varun is a 20-year-old guy who is pursuing engineering. Varun lives with his parents. He decides to start working out 5 days a week at a nearby gym. He learns that you have to include all those green veggies, tuna , chicken breasts, protein bars, supplements into his diet to have that greek god like physique. He decides to go on with it. Meanwhile , other than training he is also living a normal life including his friends and family. Guess what happens after 2 weeks of this diet? He could now follow it only 3 days a week, it goes on further decreasing to 2 days a week ultimately crashing. What was the problem? His lifestyle and other engagements could not support his diet. Eating canned tuna and chicken breast everyday was not feasible for him hence he couldn’t. Moreover he has his own life besides this which made it more difficult. I am in no way saying that eating all this is bad, but do it only if your way of living can support it. If not, no use. Ultimately you’ll give up.

The Solution

Just imagine if Varun in the above story decided to stick to a diet that included normal home cooked food which is easily accessible , things would have been different. And I can guarantee he would have followed this diet easily and for a longer period for sure. But how do I know what to include. Before starting to follow a meal plan , ask yourself “will I be able to follow this?” keeping all other factors such as way of living and other commitments. You will get the answer. From the point of view of a normal human being for whom fitness is just a part of his/her life , I would advice you to stick to basic home foods as much as possible. This means including stuff like Rice, chapatis (roti), milk , eggs , fruits, dry fruits etc. the foods which you eat normally. I know many would argue that results would not be as quick as a result but tell me one thing, which is more important “Short term gains or long-term , more sustainable gains?” The answer is obvious. Do what is convinient and feasible.

I realised this the hard way but from then on I have stuck to my diet without much trouble and the best part is that there is always room for adjustment without screwing up your diet. Make it simple and according to yourself, your lifestyle , your convenience and you will never have to worry about your diet anymore.

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