Transformation- A Habit

“Transformation”- the dictionary defines it as a marked change in form, nature or appearance. The first thought that invades our minds as soon as we hear the word are the before after transformation pictures and stories. But, on the contrary, there is another perspective to “Transformation.”

It takes a lot of courage, strength, will power and motivation to achieve a successful transformation. You are 20 pounds lighter, you have started to feel good about yourself, people are noticing you, everything is falling into place. Then the question hits, what now? I am there, where should I head now? Now there can be two options to this. One, trying to maintain what you have achieved or second, striving for more, becoming a better version of yourself. There are two options just for the sake of having options. If you have reached that level, that feeling, that sense of euphoria will always push you towards greater glory you just won’t stop.

The process of transformation never stops, or if I were to put it in a better way, should not, must not stop. To strengthen my case, let me give you an example. Consider a person who is suffering from Obesity. Yes people, its high time we start addressing it as an alarming condition. He starts training, decides to change himself, loses a ton of weight, transforms into a fit and healthier version. Take another person, his trainer. His trainer is already a professional bodybuilder and competes in various competitions throughout. But now has an aim of competing in Mr.India or Mr.Asia for that matter. What does he do? He too undergoes a transformation. Might not be as visible or drastic as his client but he will. Both individuals were at very different levels of fitness, different mindsets, different priorities, but one thing remained constant, transformation. This “will” to change things around is the key, has been the key, will be the key. Another important point I want to mention is that transformation must not be mistaken only with a physical appearance or personality, the best thing about it is that is transforms you mentally. It alters you mentality, way of thinking, approach, everything. It makes you stronger at both fronts. Transformation as a whole is the key, Internally and Externally.

Irrespective of the level of fitness, everyone in this world is transforming, it’s a habit, it’s an addiction. Those who are bad wants to get good and the good ones want better. This is not a principle of fitness or bodybuilding, this is how life works. Isn’t it? Hence, I want everyone to transformation a habit, it carries a much deeper meaning to it than some photos. Get out, get fit , transform. Go out again, be better, be the best.

Transform to change, Transform to Inspire , Transform to believe

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