Top 3 Tips to Gain Weight

There is always a lot of buzz in the fitness community about losing weight, getting shredded, getting those body fat percentages low, getting a toned figure and all. Almost every second individual talks about losing weight. But by my personal experience, losing weight isn’t the most difficult thing I encountered in my quest to get fit.
Gaining weight, gaining mass, can be much more difficult than it seems. First thought about gaining weight, easy, eat all you want and you will put on that required mass. No restrictions, no diet, go all out and enjoy. Sorry to interrupt but it is nothing like that. Nowhere close. I wanted to talk about this as recently some of my good friends asked me about gaining weight and putting on some kilos. So if you are someone who had been skinny and small all his life and wants to turn things around? Read close.
The following tips are purely based on personal experience and involve more practical work than science. Let’s get right into it:

1. Calorific Surplus:

To get big, you will have to eat big. You will have to eat more than normal. The major reason you are not gaining is that you are not eating enough. There is no workaround for this. You have to eat. I know increasing your diet is not easy. For the initial 3-4 days, you’ll feel full, lethargic, pukish and that you are overeating. But as I always say, the initial week is the toughest bit which you have to get through. Slowly your appetite will increase and you will get a hang of it.

2. Eating Healthy:

When you tell people that they need to eat more, they take the liberty of eating whatever junk they want just because they are gaining and they can enjoy their freedom. No, Never. Nothing can be worse than having a bad diet while gaining. By eating recklessly you are doing nothing but inviting fat. If you want to put on weight at the right places, you’ll have to eat the right foods. You can complete your daily quota of calories with good food or with absolute crap, your call. For more info on what to eat and what not to eat, you can check out my previous blog post on Nutrition and macros. The funda is simple:

Proper Diet ——-> Good Calories ———-> Lean Mass

NUTRITION- Centre Of The Fitness Universe

3. Weight Training:

I’ve observed many people who are looking to gain weight. After all the information that I can provide them, they say that they won’t be working out. There is a very popular ideology that you need to workout to lose weight and not to gain weight. Just eat and that is it. See, you have to understand the difference between getting fit and getting fat. You working out or not will determine whether you are gaining 5kg of fat or 5kg of lean mass. Weight training is a must if you are looking to add some mass as it will not only help you gain but also take away all the amount of fat that may be present. If you haven’t started working out yet, do it right away.

Bonus Tip:

Please don’t get fixated on the numbers. Don’t get too obsessed with reaching your goal weight, by whatever means necessary. Instead, concentrate on getting fit, gain some good lean mass, and strive for the overall sustainable development of your body. It is okay if you are still off your goal weight, you will get there, slowly and steadily. Go for sustainability, be patient and keep going.

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