The Truth About SPOT Reduction

How often have you all come across articles and videos telling you ways to remove fat from a particular area of your body? You must have seen adverts such as:

“Ways to get rid of the face fat”, “Lose belly fat in 30 days”, “Eliminate love handles in a week” and so on.

Many of you might have even fallen for it. “bas ye side wala fat kam ho jaye” (I just have to get rid of the fat on the side), no I am not judging you on this. We all fall for it. Me too. Guilty! But with time, I’ve learned that you have to look at the bigger, complete picture. Not just the abs, not just the arms, not just the waist, but the whole body.

I’ll cut the crap, and be direct. You can’t lose fat from a particular section of your body. You lose fat as a whole or you don’t. The answer to all the topics mentioned at the top is Low Body Fat. Face fat? low body fat. Belly fat? low body fat, love handles? yep, no surprises here, low body fat. And how will you achieve that? By fixing two things:

  1. Your Nutrition
  2. Your Workouts

Get these two things right and you won’t be complaining about spot fat reduction again. I know, I get it how it feels when one particular attribute just brings down your whole personality. I know how badly you want to lose that belly fat, or the fat in your legs, but this is not how it works. When you workout, your body starts targeting those fat deposits in your body in search of fuel and energy hence resulting in fat loss. This targeting of the stored fat is different in different individuals depending upon n number of factors. Point being that you just can’t tell your body to eliminate fat from belly and not your butt for fuel. You can’t control this. I’ll repeat myself again:

You’ll have to bring down your body fat percentage. Period. Spot reduction is not a thing. Still not convinced? A research done by the National Strength and Conditioning Association also proved that there is little or no effect on the subcutaneous fat by working a particular part of your body. Read the full article here:

This is a very common myth surrounding the whole weight loss thing. So, the sooner you realize this, the better. I request you all to stop worrying about one or two things and strive for the overall development, the ultimate goal. Be brave, work for overall fitness and everything else will follow.Now get up, work hard, see results.

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