The Shock Treatment!

Shock, we all are aware of this word but for different situations, this word holds different meanings. It might come as a good or a bad sign of things. Getting shocked in a good way, and getting shocked in a bad way, both meanings holds true. This “shock” has a major role to play when it comes to staying fit. In the field of fitness and training, shocking refers to surprising your muscles i.e. doing something different from your normal routine to shock your body, as a whole. The whole agenda of this is to bring your body out of its comfort zone and make it more stronger, more adaptable to changes.

Why Do You Need To Shock Your Muscles

Shocking your body is fine, but why do you do it should be the first thing on your mind before the how to do it part of things. We have different training schedules across different disciplines. Some of you might be into bodybuilding, some into CrossFit, some into Calisthenics and so on, following different workout principles, routines consisting of different exercises, different movements and different muscle groups. We stick to a schedule, follow it for a while in order to transform. This is basic, this is how it goes. This is what we all do.

Initial weeks or I would say the first month of your new schedule is challenging enough for your body, the exercises, the movements, everything, you can easily feel your body being pushed to the limit in each of your workouts. But what happens is that after a while of the same routine, your body develops a pattern. It adapts itself to the schedule you are following. Let us take an example. It is Monday and it is the international Chest Day. Your schedule comprises of 7 exercises in a certain order that you follow. You start off with Bench Press, then to Incline Bench Press, then to the dumbbell presses and so on. After a while, your body would know what’s coming next. Now your muscles know that after the bench press, you’ll be doing 3 sets of the incline press and it’s ready for it. This is where the shock treatment can be applied.

Here, it can be done in two ways. First, with the weights. Suppose you gradually increase the weights reaching to your failure, your personal best. Here your muscles know that yes, you will start off light, and then weights will increase slowly and hence they have adapted to the scenario. So, instead of going about your routine in the same way, mix it up a little, start with your personal best and reach your failure in the first set itself. What happens? Your muscles are shocked as they did not see that coming, this shocking of muscles induces growth, strength, adaptability and resilience. The other method can be changing the order in which you perform your exercises, mix it up, try different orders once in a while and so on, don’t let your body get used to a regime, it is important. This applies not only to bodybuilding or weight training for that matter, this method can be applied to different disciplines be it body weight exercises, general fitness, anything. When your body steps out of its comfort zone, it grows.

This is the reason why most of the trainers and fitness clubs recommend changing your workout routine once every 2-3 months as your body gets used to the same type of workouts and to break this plateau, shock can be the key. Don’t believe me? try for yourself, shock your body and the next day you’ll know what effect did it have. The bottom line being to try to keep your body guessing to what is about to come next, shaking things up, taking your body by surprise for the optimum growth and results. Look, your muscles don’t know what is coming, what the next exercise would be, how many repetitions are there going to be, only your mind knows. This is the point where this methodology can be used to give your body that extra push it needs. That little shock to make a difference.



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