The Phenomenon Of Constant Bulking

In my previous post I discussed about the issue of shred fear. But today, I wanted to discuss something on the opposite side of the spectrum. Let’s turn our attention to bulking or in layman terms the state of being in a state of calorific surplus ( more calories ) in order to gain the right amount of weight and muscle that one may be lacking. This is the span where you can afford to eat extra, add some calories, add one or two cheat meals a week in order to complete your macros to eventually get bigger. But what if this “time period” I am referring to here never ends? I considered this to be a vague thought having complete confidence in myself that I or for that matter no can be victimized by this phenomenon of Constant Bulk.

If you have read my previous post, you will be aware of the fact that I am in that bulking phase right now trying to pack on some desired muscle mass. But I am afraid that I too got caught up in the Constant Bulk stage. It’s hard to admit it but yes, it is the truth. When you be in a state of calorific surplus, your eating habits change. This is the biggest factor that alone stands in the way of people coming out that season long bulk, which  happened in my case too.

When in the name of calories, you start having food without limits, eating a lot, even if it is normal food, you get so used to the regime, it is hard to stop. Then it becomes a challenge to return to that low cal , high protein diet and stay ripped all year round. Let us take an example, let’s say to complete your daily macros, you included some extra carbs ( chapati, bread, rice, potatoes) in your diet, on a daily and extra basis. Now all of a sudden you are asked to remove majority of those carbs and have to turn to a more protein based diet involving veggies and stuff. Do you think this transition will be easy?Eliminating these carbs will be easy? No, my friend it won’t be. You will have to start caring about that fat content again, avoid cheat meals again, change your training again, and in the end nothing changes. Only a few come out of this phase of constant bulk and the rest remain there forever, buried in those calories. Some of us are in that constant bulk phase right now but we don’t realise it. I know many would argue with the concept of clean bulking, but let’s be honest, we all know that it ultimately is not that clean. Ask yourself, “How long have I been on a bulk and when is it going to end?”, the answer would not be an easy one to find.

You or me, for that matter are not entirely to be blamed. Our body, when subjected to a routine or let’s say a habit, gets so used to it that it becomes very hard to come out of it. Your body including your mind will do everything in its power to resist that change, same way it did when you first started working out. The next day soreness and not going back to the gym again. Same is the case here, our body is in its comfort zone of eating and does not, will not come out of it unless acted upon it with determination, mental strength and hard work. Determination to get your goal, achieve that physique, mental strength to say no to food that will hurt and hard work, well that is a constant in every sphere.  Yes, these are the only three things that will decide whether you make it or not and whether you will be able to become lean again and get that desired body. I will be talking on slowly cutting those carbs in a later post but till then determination, mental strength and hard work are the three things you need to work upon. Check yourself and get out of the Constant Bulk while you still can.

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