Sugar- The Common Enemy

The role of sugar in fat loss is something which can’t be ignored. Many of you may know this, might have heard about this, but this realization hit me when I was on a quest to lose some serious weight. I did manage to do it. I lost about 17kgs  in 6 months. Drastic, han? I get a lot of questions regarding how I brought about such a massive transformation. What did you do? What diet did you take? And the first thing I tell everyone is this,  “I gave up on sugar”, yes, I eliminated sugar from my diet completely. This means no sugar in tea, coffee, no juices, no sodas, no ice-creams, nothing. Sugar=absent. Since then, I have stayed away from sugar as much as possible and have stuck to my no sugar policy. So, all of you peeps looking to shed some fat and get in shape for the summer, this one’s for you. An important thing to note here is that when I am talking about sugar, it refers to processed table sugar which we use as our primary sweetening agent on a daily basis and not what we get from natural sources such as fruits.

Why is Sugar so dangerous?

Sugar and fat loss are inversely proportional. Lesser the sugar content in your diet, quicker the fat loss will be. Let us first understand what sugar is. Sugar can be broadly classified into two types:

  1. Simple Sugars: Monosaccharides, contain mainly glucose, fructose, and galactose
  2. Table sugar: Sucrose, a disaccharide of glucose and fructose

Now, let’s take a look at how our body processes this sugar once inside our body and how an excess of it results in accumulation of fat:

Fructose –> converted by the Liver into fatty acids –> Stored in your body as fat. 

There are a lot of details on the process of breaking down of sugars in our body, but for the sake of understanding, let’s keep it short and simple. Apart from just getting fat, an increased intake of sugar can also lead to life-threatening diseases such as Syndrome-X and Diabetes, one of the most dangerous diseases around the world. I know many of you would argue about the fact that how maintaining sugar levels in our blood is important and that sugar can’t be completely ignored, I know, but what I am trying to preach here is that cutting down on processed table sugar is beneficial for our health as a whole and as far as maintaining that required amount of sugar levels, it can come from other sources which have a more healthier form of sugar. There are plenty of them. Read about them here:

One more important point I would like to highlight is that in our Indian Diet, there is a high presence of carbohydrates and fats. Almost all the staple foods have either carbs or fats as their main macros and that too in high content. So, with an Indian diet point of view, maintaining a low body fat percentage is a big challenge. Hence, eliminating processed sugar can be the best possible way to kick start your fat loss journey.

How To Start?

I know, many of you would be very fond of things such as cold drinks, sodas, ice-creams, sweets, chocolates etc. But to get to your goals, you’ll have to sacrifice, I did it in order to get where I wanted to be. Start by eliminating sugar slowly. For eg: Cut it out slowly. Stop all the foods containing sugars, yes, all that I mentioned above. But, you can still have some sugar say with your Tea, coffee, milk for example so that you don’t crave for the same. The more drastic the change will be, the more the chances of failure, so make sure you start slow. Slowly and steadily you’ll get used to this and then go for complete elimination.

Sugar 6 days a week –> 3 days a week –> 2 days a week –> elimination.

I can guarantee you results once you start implementing this. I’ve done it and so can you. Do one thing, take your body weight today and start avoiding sugar from today itself. Do a trial run for 8 weeks. Check your weight at the end of this period and you’ll see the difference, and yes, thank me later.

Guys, changes are not easy especially when you are changing your diet. You’ll have to fight cravings, peer pressure, everything but just remember one thing, your goal, your aim and your “Why”, why are you doing this in the first place. Starting is the difficult part, it’s just a phase, you will get used to these changes and in the end, it’ll be worth the struggle. I promise.






    • the point here is to avoid table sugar, shakes will contain sugar and as far as juices are concerned, fresh fruit juices are good to go, stay away from canned juices as they contain very high amount of sugar.
      Go for fresh fruit juices.

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