PUSH-UPS- The Best Exercise Ever?

“PUSH-UPS”, yes, a term very widely used in the health and fitness industry, and once in our life whether it be at the gym, or the  high-school physical education exam, we have all done it. However, what I have observed is that whenever we start  working out, everyone is all about the Bench-presses, the dumbbell flys, heavy lifts, that this very basic fundamental movement tends to lose it’s place. Most of us following a basic fitness regime don’t even do it. I know, I did the same.

Why should you be doing push-ups on a regular basis?

By my personal experience, these are 5 ways how push-ups can prove to be the x-factor:

  1. Strength: If you are someone who is looking to increase his/her strength, this is a must for you. You start of slow doing 10-15 push-ups a day and slowly and gradually increasing your count to 40-45 or maybe 50 (this gradient varies from individual to individual) thereby increasing your strength in the process.
  2. One for All: This exercise does not have any limitations, not age, not gender, not weight, nothing. Everyone can do it. if you are a teenager still in your high-school or a middle aged man with kids, male or female, this is for everyone offering the same benefits.
  3. Compound Movement: It targets multiple muscle groups which makes it much more effective for our body as a whole. It targets your pectorals, triceps, works on core stability and shoulders, improving overall strength and not just focused on one body part.
  4. Stamina: This is the reason why I absolutely love this exercise.  It’s not just about the strength and the muscle game, it is very good for training your heart also i.e. for your endurance your. So if you are looking to build strength and stamina at the same time, this one’s for you.
  5. A lot of Variations: Those of you thinking it to be a boring and monotonous routine, you are mistaken. You have about 15-20 variations of the same to try targeting different parts of your chest thus giving your chest good volume and definition.

But wait!  what about the the gains? looking jacked? Not to worry. You can put considerable amount of muscle by the help of push-ups. Try different variations, progressions, with proper diet, and gains are guaranteed. Tried and tested. To sum it up:

[Push-ups= Strength+Muscle definition+Fat Loss+Endurance]

Well, what more can you ask for?

How can you accommodate Push-ups in your routine?

The best way to include this in your workouts, is in your warm-up. Since it targets multiple muscle groups and gets your heart rate going, it’s one of my go-to routines. I’ll suggest doing 2 sets of 10-15 repetitions before heading into your heavier lifts. This will reduce the chances of injury and make your workouts much more challenging. One more point to take care of is the form. Correct form is a must if you want progress, in general, form is one thing that many of us ignore without realizing how crucial it can be. Linking the correct way to do a push-ups at the end. If you are not doing them, start incorporating them in your workout regime right away and see a whole new dimension open up. Here’s the video.



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