My No Mirror Theory!

After all that hard work, all that grinding at the gym, all those early morning runs, all you want is results. Results to show for your efforts. These results can be in two forms, one is feeling stronger and positive about yourself and the other being the visual aspect of things. Today, we’ll be talking about the visual part. We all want to see those biceps grow, those abs creeping out, that waist getting thinner and legs getting toned. We all seek progress which we can visibly see and that is what keeps us motivated, the main point of transformation is to look good, to change your appearance and become the best version of yourself.

Ditching the Mirror!

This is something which I realised last October, when I was on my quest to get back to being in shape and putting some muscle mass. I had a mirror installed at my workout area. i.e. my room. We are self-conscious beings, we all have a special liking for the mirror, specially when you are into fitness, mirror becomes a friend, your way to measure your progress. We all have seen how obsessed fitness enthusiasts are regarding their physiques and hence spending a majority of time in front of the mirror springs no surprise.

Same thing happened with me too, one set, straight to the mirror, another set, another look in the mirror. It is when I realised that this is something that needed to change. No, there is nothing wrong in being in front of the mirror and it has absolutely no effect on your fitness or your transformation whatsoever. But for me, it was turning into a habit which I no longer wanted. Thus, I got rid of the mirror from my room, and avoided the mirror for a good part of two months, while continuing to put my best in my workouts for getting the desired output.

The Logic behind The Theory

After two months, when I finally decided to check my progress by going in front of the mirror, I was filled with a feeling of surprise, a feeling of accomplishment, a feeling of joy. The reason being obvious. I saw some significant changes, all pointing in the right direction. Gains, muscle definition which was not there before, I could specifically point out areas where I made progress and areas which needed work.

But how does that have anything to do with mirror? Your progress will ultimately depend on your determination, your efforts, right? Yes, it has nothing to do with the transformation, no effect at all as I mentioned earlier.  But what this does is, allows you a better view of your progress. Getting fit and transforming yourself takes time and requires patience. It is only when you see an old picture of yourself from 6 months back, you realise how far you have come, your body changing day by day, slowly and steadily. This will become more clear with an example. How often does it happen that when you meet your relatives or say an old friend after a long time, and the first remark we get is about? It is related to our appearance. “Oh, have you lost weight? You look fit”, “Working out and all? , you have become muscular since the last time I saw you, you look good”, and most famous of them all, “You have changed a lot”. Why do you think this happens, why are they able to see difference in you and specific changes, changes they can pin-point so easily? Because they are seeing you after a very long time. Hence for them, change is more significant, more drastic.

Same logic applies to this No Mirror Theory. Barring yourself from the mirror for some amount of time can help you notice those changes, quite clearly and give you a proper and detailed indication on how far you have come, same as those relatives or a long-lost friend, as like them you are also seeing your body after a long time. You can now too pin-point changes, gains, progress. Biceps have grown, abs are more refined, back looks good. Once I saw this happening, it was one of the best feelings in the world. Fills you with euphoria and the fire to continue to work in the same direction. Just try it out once, you’ll see what I am trying to preach here, If you haven’t already. Sometimes it is important to step outside the conventional zone and try out different mindsets, different strategies. Worked for me and I am sure it will work for you too, give it a shot. Any more such theories, methods to share, leave a comment down below, I’d love to hear from you.

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