New City, New challenges, Same Fitness?

I am currently doing my Summer Training ( Internship ) from Maruti Suzuki India Limited and have moved to a new city. My training is scheduled for one and a half months and will end on 30th June,2017. Having moved here on the 10th of May, it will be almost 2 months of different , exciting and life changing experiences. But, wait a second being a guy who is a total fitness freak and for whom nutrition holds the utmost priority, where does my fitness fit in? Should my Fitness and Diet take a back seat while I focus solely on my Internship with all these changes in my lifestyle?


Changes? A lot of them. The biggest change has to be living alone all by myself. This is the first time I have left home so it is a big thing for me. And once you start living alone , almost everything is affected , from your daily routine to your eating to your habits. You meet new people , new workplace , the first time you get into an actual working environment teaches you a lot and helps you grow. Moreover, moving from a small town to a big city you also get to brush up some skills such as being smart, being safe, dealing with situations, handling people. In all, you enter a complete new sphere of life.

Having talked about changes, let us switch on to the challenges. The biggest challenge was by far controlling and maintaining my fitness regime and nutrition which on some front , I have failed miserably. You are well adapted to your daily schedule, revolving around college, gym, nutrition, friends, family all in place and most importantly you are at home, doing everything according to your own liking. But having moved you realise that it isn’t the case anymore. No one’s cooking you meals you want ( I miss you maa ) , you are working your ass off at the office leaving you tired at the end of the day with little or no time for yourself. This was hence the biggest challenge I had to overcome , to accept that yes , things , situations , people around me have changed immensely and I have to adapt to it as soon as possible.


Well , I’ll be very honest with you guys here. Initially , I decided I’ll give fitness a break like for two months, no training, no diets, nothing. Live like an average teenager and just have fun. I had trained very hard the last four months before coming here and made significant progress so I felt my body deserved a much needed break.

Just two weeks into my fitness vacation, I couldn’t do it anymore. What can be worse than watching your body lose all the gains and your abs slowly turning into a fat belly? No, I couldn’t afford this disaster. I can’t just let all that hard work go down the drain. So I decided I’ll start training again. I went to a nearby gym and took a membership for the month. The gym is not the same as compared to where I had been training all this time, but for the price , it is good enough to train. This new gym is the perfect example of “Desi Gym”  and it felt kinda new. It consists of mostly basic machines and not many dumbbells to work with. My training schedule right now consists of all the basic exercises where I am looking just to work the important muscle groups keeping away from all out heavy lifting not risking any injuries. Moreover, my training here is not regular at times due to prior appointments and work. So I can’t help it right now but I promise to make up for it when I get home.

It’s been 3 weeks since I returned from my sabbatical and I can’t say I have made progress or not right now as my main motive now is to hold as much muscle I can till I return to full training next month.


I feel sad to say this but for now, my diet has taken a back seat. I am eating anything and everything ranging from normal to junk food. Yes! You read it right. I still can’t imagine myself being so laid back regarding my diet. But as I said , I have to adapt according to the conditions and here I can’t have my way with my diet at all times. But, I am not all careless. I try to eat as much as normal/ nutrition rich food as possible and on weekends I am open to cheating.

As far as my pre-workout and post-workout routine is concerned, I am relying on milk and a lot of eggs ( six- eight per day ) along with eating to my maximum in order to get on with bulking. I know bulking is for winters generally but yes, there are always exceptions. I am still not sure where I am gonna end up in a month’s time but I am doing all I can do. Also, I have no protein here so I am not able to reach the optimum levels of protein I need.

With all these changes , irregularities , cheat diets , I know my fitness regime is far from perfect and can’t guarantee results but despite all this I want to give it my best shot. No matter what the conditions , situations are, I will strive for fitness even if there is a hint of it. This makes me feel complete at the end of the day and gives me a sense of belief and much needed confidence that yes, I have done something good for my body and my health and believe me or not, it is one of the best feeling in the world.

Kuch nahi se Kuch sahi

Something is better than nothing.

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