Measure Your Progress: Part 2 Photos

Many of you already know the importance but for those new to this field, here is the second part of the two part post. I have already talked about the fitness journal in the first part so if you haven’t, I would recommend reading the first part before this. Okay, coming back to photos. All those before after transformation pics you see on the internet. Yes, that is why it is important.

Don’t forget to take photos

This is the part where you need to be a little careful. Before starting any workout regime or a new diet schedule, do not forget to take photos right at the beginning to see the results. This is important enough to stress upon due to the fact that at the very beginning we often forget to take photos and in 2 months in, you realise that you don’t have any pics of your transformation and the worst part is that you can do nothing about it. One of the main reasons that we generally don’t take photos right at the beginning is that we don’t like the way we look. Hence, clicking a picture of your out of shape body is the last thing to do on one’s mind. But, always remember that it will be only because of these photos that you will strive to work even harder as you will exactly know what you are fighting.

Maximum photos

I have myself suffered in this department hence I don’t want you guys to. Taking a picture of yourself say in a bathroom mirror is fine but are you actually covering the whole body? I mean yes, the pecs, abdomen area is taken care of  but what about the other remaining body? I’ll suggest that take about 6-7 photos including your entire body. take pictures of the main parts such as Back, legs, calves, arms, traps etc. the things which a normal mirror selfie won’t, can’t cover. Ask for help from a friend or a family member and keep track of the overall development.


Taking a picture in the beginning is not it. It’s just a job half done. The next and the most important thing you have to do is to train. Train harder in order to not look the same old self the next time you take a picture. To make sure that your progress is on the right track and you are making significant progress, give yourself a deadline. Set an exact time period through which you want to transform, I would be doing a separate blog post on this but in this case, this can be vital. Give yourself a target say 3 months, 6 months and so on and make sure you work according to it.

There are two more points that you can keep in mind and that can be helpful in the long run:

  1. High-Quality photos: Yes, this is important. Whenever you take a picture, make sure you take a good one. Good lighting, good angles. More refined your progress pics are, more progress will be visible. And for the added benefit of taking good pictures, you can also use them for social media later and announce yourself to the world.
  2. Don’t be afraid to post these pictures: Taking photos is one thing and uploading them on social media is a whole different ball game. All photos in your storage does not make the cut for your social media profile. And I understand. Sometimes we are shy of ourselves, sometimes the photo isn’t good and most of the time, we care what people will think of us. What if my progression is not great? What if I get made fun of? But, there are so many better transformation stories online? Yes, there are, there always be. Just remember to take pride in yourself.What you have achieved , how far you have come, the hard work you put in. Just be proud of your achievement and try not to overthink.

These photos will as i said earlier will be your reference to where you stand. You will be able to see proof of your progress. Those abs developing, that definition in your triceps, all that will not only make you feel better about yourself, it will also motivate you to work even harder than before. As they say, once you start seeing results it is impossible to stop. In the end as I always say, look for yourself, what works, try new things, make gains, make progress and keeping working for the dream no one can see but you. You can do it.You will do it.

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