Know Your Body Type! 

Some of you fitness peeps out there must be familiar with this but for those who are unaware, yes our bodies or physique can be categorised into different types and having knowledge of your body type can influence your training immensely. I’ll try to keep this short and informative so let’s get right into it.

The E.M.E Classification

Out of all the distinct body types that us human beings posses, varying from fat to fit, they can be classified into three basic types: Ectomorphs , Endomorphs and Mesomorphs. To make it easier to remember and interpret ,  I have named this as the E.M.E classification:

1. Ectomorphs : All those skinny , meek looking people with short frames and long limbs who no matter how much they eat remain the same? Yes they are Ectomorphs. Characterised by lean overall structure , people with such body types have a hard time gaining muscle and weight at the same time which could probably cause a delay in results and of course an increased effort in the gym.

2. Mesomorphs : At one point or other in our lives , we have come across individuals who are just god-gifted entities. It can be academics, sports or any other job. Yes, we are all jealous of them. Mesomorphs are these people of the fitness industry. Mesomorphs have broad structures with an amazing tendency to put on muscle very easily while keeping fat at bay and an overall dynamic personality to add as a bonus. Mesomorphs achieve results quicker as compared to the other two body types.

2. Endomorphs : Endomorphs are the opposites to Ectomorphs. They have huge bulky structures with generally a broad waist line and a tendency to put on weight very easily. However in the gaining muscle department , they can be considered only a little ahead of Ectomorphs. Yes, Endomorphs are the ones who people tease by calling them names because they are fat. Don’t do it! It hurts.

Don’t Compare

I hope by now you would have figured out what body type are you. Telling you your body type isn’t enough. Anyone can look up to this information online and learn. But what matters is that how this knowledge can change your perception towards things. Hence, this brings me to the topic of comparison. Yes, comparison can be healthy most of the time in pushing you towards your goals but there are times where it is to be avoided.

We need to understand that we all have different body types which is genetic and we all have some merits and demerits which come along with it. Let us take my own example. When I started training for mass ( lean muscle mass ) , I always used to compare myself with all the buff dudes with massive biceps and god like chests which left me disappointed and disheartened for most of my time because I was putting in literally more effort and still not seeing results. Not even close! I wanted an answer and that is when I came to realise about my body type. Yes, I am an Ectomorph. Yes, I had to face the harsh reality ( all of us want to be mesomorphs , don’t we? ). But this realisation changed my training, way of thinking , everything. Being an Ectomorph , I understood the fact that yes, I will have to put in an extra effort in the gym and results would take time. The best part? I no longer compare myself with others or their progress and feel bad even if they are achieving feats faster than me. You do not want to be like someone else to prove your worth. No , I am not at all implying that no you can’t reach where you want to be just because of your body type, I just want you all to get this straight that god has blessed us with different bodies with certain strengths and weaknesses and we all must embrace this uniqueness and train accordingly rather than feeling dejected by comparing ourselves with others.

We all will get there in the end, some early , some late. It’s the journey and experience that matters not the destination

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