If It’s Not Fun, Is It Even Worth Doing?

On this blog and in real life too, I talk a lot about staying fit, eating healthy, building a lifestyle, motivation, regularity etc. But some time back while I was looking up for some content on YouTube, I came across a video taking about fitness motivation and inspiration. One line from this video completely changed the way I treated fitness, in general, and as a priority. The statement was something like this, not the exact words but along the same lines.

If you are not enjoying it, what is the point of doing it?

It hit me, hit me hard. Sometimes, we get so much buried down in our routines, the diets, the workouts, the supplements, so much to the point that we forget to enjoy the journey. The whole process and the grind becomes a burden. You get frustrated, angry sometimes as you can’t find a way out. This includes not going out for days, no social life, you are always irritated, worked up about managing time and stuff. I realized that I was trapped in the same conundrum. So I asked myself the same question:

“Am I really having fun? Or am I just getting all stressed about fitness, nutrition, managing stuff?”

It all changed. I let things go. Started taking it easy, more relaxed, began taking things positively. I started to enjoy the struggle, organized my personal and social life which lead me to a whole new dimension. My workouts were now feeling great, I was more content and satisfied with the progress. I am not sure how to put it into words, the changes, the feeling, but it worked wonders. Somehow, I was now feeling much more positive, much more confident and happy with life.

One Piece Of Advice

From my personal experience, I just want you all folks out there, into fitness or not into fitness, each one of working your ass off in whatever field you are, ask yourself this question:

“Am I enjoying what I am doing? Or am I just so trapped that I’ve forgotten the fun part, the happy part?”

You know the answer. Deep down we all know, it’s just the realization which isn’t there. Whenever you feel low and that things are not going right, just remind yourself of this, take it easy, relax and figure it out. You’ll find a way. I just wanted to share this with all of you since such things can sometimes be influential in what path you choose to follow. Stay fit, stay motivated and above all, stay happy.


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