Last time out , we discussed how important nutrition is and what major roles different nutrients play in the efficient working of your body. Hence, I thought that you all should be introduced to the other side of the things too. The fun part of nutrition , Cheat Meals. While most of the fitness enthusiasts are familiar with this term but for those who are new into fitness, here’s a basic definition for you, just to get you up to speed:

A meal consisting of your favourite foods and beverages without any caution to your diet or your fitness schedule.

For some, it’s a Cheat meal while some of us celebrate a whole Cheat Day.Don’t we all just wait eagerly for that day to arrive where we can just forget about fitness and enjoy our much deserved break from that tedious regime and diet of ours? But wait, are these cheat meals helpful ? or all they do is hinder your progress? How can one cheat in a healthy and helpful manner? Is it possible? Let’s find some answers or I would say, tricks.


The main thing to ponder upon is that is this good or bad? Well, good news , they are good. Yes, you read that right.They are helpful. But hold on , before you start getting all excited and relaxed about “cheating“, there are however some things that I personally feel should be kept in mind:

  1. Say NO to cheat days : No one is telling you not to cheat but, to try to minimise any harm that it may present, one should stick to a cheat meal and not a cheat day. This is one of the most important factors. You can pick any one meal in the day and have a blast rather than having a  full day of unhealthy eating. This will help you cheat without affecting your progress at the gym.
  2. When to Cheat: People and fitness experts have different opinions on this. Some say cheat meals should be on days when you are working out while some prefer non-workout days. But , what I have observed and experienced is that cheating on one your workout days can help reduce the after-effects as you are burning calories the same day. Hence , maintaining the calorific balance to some extend. NO! that does not mean you can get away with unhealthy eating on a regular basis just because you are working out the same day.
  3. Special Occasions, Festivals : Yes, fitness is an integral part of our lives but there are also other things around which our life revolves. We have other priorities to be taken care of. Hence, there can be some days or some people for whom your diet can wait. So, stop being annoying at every party or event (been there) , have fun, it’s okay.
  4. Go All IN! : I know we all care about being fit , our diet schedule , but for once just leave everything aside and enjoy your meal to the point where you are completely satisfied, just don’t hold back thinking of your diet or routine. Have a blast.
  5. Alcohol and Drugs : I know how addictive these things are and you can’t just stop immediately. But , if you are determined enough to stay away from these the whole week , I would say you deserve the reward. I know many of you would disagree but this would actually help individuals stay away from these in the long run.


Okay, so by this time you all are quite happy knowing that yes, cheat meals are helpful and are eagerly waiting for your next cheat meal. But don’t you want to know what makes cheat meals helpful?

The answer is “Guilt“. Yes, the feeling of guilt. If you are someone who is quite serious towards your health and fitness, after your cheat meal , you will experience this guilt with your mind telling you things like “You shouldn’t have done it”,”You just wasted 2 days of your hard work at the gym”, “This will make you fat again.” Though all these thoughts are not true in most cases but what these thoughts will do is provoke you to eat healthy and put in an increased effort in the gym in order to compensate for your cheating. Resulting in a stronger and fitter you. Don’t trust me? Try it out and you will understand.

Besides from this , cheat meals without second thoughts provide you with much-needed break from that difficult diet of yours so that your psychological balance is maintained and you do not get bored with eating the same foods time and again. Let’s be honest, we all have right to tasty food and as a foodie myself, I could not agree more.

I hope you all have a great and joyful cheat meal ahead and try keep the above mentioned tips and tricks in mind and as I always say, don’t trust me blindly,see for yourselves , what works. I wish you all HAPPY CHEATING!

Food is love, food is life.

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