Belly FAT! Burn It Down

Belly fat. Yes, it is one of the most talked about topic in the fitness line only after abs of course which can be considered as a sub-part to this. We all know how difficult it is to get rid of it and how destructive it can be to our overall personality. NO, I am not taking about having those face chiselled abs. I am concerned with keeping that belly fat in control and let me tell you that it is one of the most daunting tasks to get rid of this fat but it is all worth it I can assure you that.


Okay , I have had  a number of people including both males and females with one question- “Bas ye belly fat kam karna hai, kuch bata de. Baaki toh mai theek hun.” For those who don’t understand hindi, this question is regarding losing of only the belly fat paying no concern to other parts of the body as they seem to be satisfied with what they have.

Okay, Brace yourselves people because answer to this is that you can not just work on the belly fat without concerning the other parts of the body. There is no one particular exercise that can help you cut off that belly fat. I know many of you folks will be of other opinions with exercises such as planks, crunches and other types of abdomen exercises and unique meal plans. The main thing we all need to understand is that belly fat will go away only with the reduction of overall body fat and not just the abdomen. Well, what then? what do I do? Get your lazy ass off the couch and start training and start eating healthy . Train for overall development of your body, overall fitness just keeping this belly fat at one side for the time being keeping your diet the utmost priority. Ever heard of  “Abs are made in the kitchen” ? , well yes that is the truth.

What to do?

1. Training:

  1. Cardio- Yes, we all know cardio. And we all hate cardio. But cardio is one of the most basic and fundamental method of losing that body fat. But special care needs to be taken that cardio should not be overdone as it may lead to loss of the all important muscle mass.
  2. Weight Training- Some people go to the gym only to do cardio and no weight training whatsoever and in their defence they say that they just want to lose the fat and not build muscle. Building muscle is will help you get rid of that fat in double quick time. Hence, a combination of cardio and weight training would yield much better results as compared to just doing cardio.
  3. Compound Exercises- Training is important but how do you train, training methodology is also to take care of. Which brings me to compound exercises. These exercises involve more than one part of the body and are considered absolute essentials in a training regime. Some of the most popular exercises are Sqauts, Deadlifts , presses and many more. Still wondering why SQUATS are important?
  4. HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)- Many of you must be aware of this type of training but for those who don’t , HIIT refers to a training regime involving series of high intensity exercises with very little rest period in order to get your heart rate up and running for burning that stubborn fat in minimum time. HIIT has proven to be the most effective way to lose body fat but is certainly very hard on the body.

2. Nutrition:- I have been a strong believer of nutrition and trust me on this. 

Fix your diet = Fix your fat. 

Start eating good healthy and a balanced diet and I can guarantee results. As long as belly fat is concerned , try and go for foods with low fats and carbs and concentrate more on protein and fibrous foods.

3. Patience:- Having talked about all training and diet , I want to bring forward a more important factor which is often neglected. Yes , patience. In this age of milleniums where everyone is looking for quick results and all that impatience among this generation makes it worse. Look belly fat is the most difficult fat to lose and goes at the very end hence this is a long race, this quest for getting rid of that fat is difficult and long. So just hold on and believe.


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